LGIS Claims


Insurance only realises its true value when a claim is made. It is here that your Scheme distinguishes itself from traditional insurance.

LGIS employs full time senior claims consultants with more than 10 years' experience in the insurance and risk industry to work exclusively on your claims. The objective of the team is to provide advice, guidance and strategic management of claims to reduce potential liability exposures and claims costs by prompt identification and processing.

The handling of claims begins with the lodgement and progresses through the entire claims handling process including appointment of loss adjusters and liaising with the Schemes reinsurance panel where necessary or larger losses to ultimately issuing settlement cheques.

LGIS Claims process 

The following claims procedures will assist you when making a claim, ensuring that all claims are quickly and adequately managed.

Scheme claims

Non-scheme claims

Find the relevant claims forms or proceed to each of the relevant sections.

View your member claim profile to access specific claims data relating to your Scheme protection in particular workers compensation, property and liability. Allowing you to visualise and consolidate your claims activity, your claims data can be filtered by year, status, cause and nature of damage. You can benchmark your local government against other similar local governments and those in your specific region.