Exercise / fitness programs


Physical activity is the second most important factor in disease prevention after quitting smoking. Regular exercise is vital to good health. A workforce that is physically active can benefit your organisation by being more productive, having fewer injuries and reducing absenteeism. The exercise and fitness programs offered through the LGIS Health and Wellbeing Program aim to provide your workers with motivation as well as the skills and techniques to stay physically healthy in the long term.

All exercise and fitness programs are run by qualified exercise physiologists or sports scientists and can be completed indoor or outdoor with all equipment provided.  Pre-screening is conducted to determine whether workers need a physician's referral before starting an exercise program. Thus identifying workers for whom exercise training would be inappropriate, unsafe or require modifications made based on physical limitations.

Individual exercise programs

We can provide your workers with a personalised exercise program based on their individual goals and / or physical work requirements. This allows workers to be provided with direction and support to take control of their fitness and health.

Group exercise classes

A variety of exercise classes are available and classes can be tailored to all fitness levels.

  • Yoga / stretch and flex
  • Pilates
  • Strength / aerobic circuit
  • Boxing
  • Core / abdominal strengthening
  • Boot camp
  • Running groups
  • Pre-start stretching program

Healthy Lifestyle Challenges

Healthy Lifestyle Challenges (pdf) are designed to get your workers eating healthier, moving more and feeling great. The challenges are evidence based and developed around the principles of behavioural change, educating and supporting workers to develop new habits, skills and knowledge to maintain their health long-term.

The table below provides an overview of the challenges available through the LGIS Health and Wellbeing Program.

Program​​60 Days​FIT 24TMFit to ‘Waist Away’​​Healthy Lifestyle Challenge​Health and Wellbeing Passport Program
Key features​
  • Online only
  • Daily emails based on weekly themes; exercise, goal setting, meal planning, portion size, etc
  • Measures program engagement and participation
  • ​Online
  • Team based challenge
  • Encourage and support participants to be healthy 24 days out of 30
  • Focus on
    - sleep
    - sugar
    - steps
  • Face to face
  • 12 weeks
  • Individualised exercise program, training schedule and logbook
  • Pre, midway and post testing
  • Group exercise classes
  • Lunch n Learns
  • Online
  • 12 weeks
  • Personalised plans based on individual health goals; weight loss, weight maintenance or weight gain
  • Weekly meal and fitness plans
  • Weight tracker
  • Exercise and nutrition diaries
  • Pre and post questionnaire
  • Face to face
  • 4 or 12 weeks
  • 4 x 60 minute educational workshops; Move, Nourish, Revive, Achieve
  • Passport tool, activity and food tracker
  • Phone or face to face consultations
  • Pedometer, tape measure, water bottle, stress ball
Optional extras​
  • Pre & post questionnaire
  • Additional support, phone coaching, seminars/ workshops, exercise classes can be added
  • Step devices (pedometer, Fitbit)
  • ​Option of online delivery (smart phone enabled)
  • ​Pre and post onsite health consultations
  • Individual nutrition or fitness consultations (face to face or telephone)


​Supplier Skin Patrol ​ Vitality Works ​ Absolute Balance ​ Spotscreen ​ Sonic HealthPlus