Diligence in safety awards


Recognising and rewarding OSH performance is an important initiative for you and LGIS. This is done through the Diligence in Safety Awards. This program, developed to reflect the 3 steps to safety program, aims to recognise good performers across the 3 tiers. Using the criteria below, each tier provides an opportunity to be rewarded for your good OSH performance.

Certificate Criteria Financial reward
Tier 1 Diligence in Safety Certificate≥ 90% against Tier 1 Checklist$1500
Tier 2 Diligence in Safety Certificate≥ 80% against Tier 2 Checklist$1500
Tier 3 Silver Diligence in Safety Certificate≥ 75% against Tier 3 Checklist$1500
Tier 3 Gold Diligence in Safety Certificate≥ 90% against Tier 3 Checklist$3000


At the conclusion of the assessments, you will be informed if you were successful in getting an award. If you are, we will liaise with you to determine a suitable date that the award can be presented to you.

Diligence in Safety Awards recipients


We would like to congratulate the following recipients of Diligence in Safety Awards for 2017.

​Tier 1 CertificateTier​ 2 CertificateTier 3 Silver Certificate​​Tier 3 Gold Certificate
Shire of CoorowShire of PlantagenetCity of JoondalupCity of Belmont
Shire of Chapman ValleyShire of IrwinTown of Victoria Park
Shire of JerramungupCity of Fremantle
Shire of CranbrookEastern Metropolitan Regional Council
Shire of WaroonaCity of Subiaco
Town of Bassendean
City of Karratha